Occupational Hearing Loss - Claims & Appeals

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April 2019 Advocacy Workshop

Iain Macdonald, BCGEU

Rolf Harrison

This workshop will focus on occupational noise-induced hearing loss claims. We will look at the nature of neurosensory hearing loss. We will have an overview of the Board's policies and practices, how the Board measures noise exposure by occupation, and the Board's views on the causes and features of noise-induced hearing loss. We will explore strategies for assisting workers whose claims have been denied--options for proving hazardous exposure and for challenging the Board's views on causation. We will discuss areas where the Board's audiological advisors and independent experts appear to disagree on the science, and will review some helpful appeal cases.

We will also address the scope of benefits available to workers whose claims have been accepted, even if no pension is payable.

This course will count as CPD credits with the Law Society of BC.