Our Services


Workers' Compensation

  • WCB claims advice and representation
  • WCB Review Division appeals

  • Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal (WCAT) appeals

  • Discriminatory action complaints

  • Reconsideration applications

Canada Pension Plan (Disability) / Employment Insurance (EI)

  • Advice and consultation

  • Reconsideration requests

  • Appeals to the Social Security
    Tribunal – General Division

  • Appeals to the Social Security
    Tribunal – Appeals Division

Long-Term Disability

  • LTD Plan advice and consultation

  • Representation through the internal appeal process of the LTD Plan



Seeing the Big Picture

When you can’t work due to illness or disability, you often have to navigate through a minefield of bureaucracy in order to keep the money coming in.  Our firm can provide advice and guidance in dealing with the various legislative benefits and workplace options available to you.

For example, you may develop disabling back pain while working.  The WCB may deny that it is work-related and turn down your application.  The long term disability insurer may refuse to cover you because they say it is work-related. You may need to fall back on EI or seek Canada Pension Plan-Disability (CPP-D).

Even if you have been on WCB benefits, you may be trying to return to work and the employer may refuse to modify your duties or give you light work.  The WCB may offer vocational rehabilitation assistance to get you back to work but if the employer will not offer you suitable accommodation the WCB will not intervene in these situations.  We can provide advice to you and your union about how the employer’s duty to accommodate interacts with the service and supports WCB rehabilitation can offer.